When Mumma Came to Stay

I see myself as so so lucky to be able to count my Mum as my best friend; she is the one person I can tell everything to and since moving to London I missed her dreadfully…! I know she isn’t far away – just a two hour trip away  and of course I have seen her since I have been here, but this weekend was the first time she has been to visit me here since dropping me off with all my possessions way back in September.

I went all out for this visit. It was weird; even though it was just my Mum visiting and if anyone knows how untidy I am it will be her, I felt as if I should prove to her that I was able to cope living away from home. I did all my washing, hoovered and polished and even bleached my en suite!

Mum was due to arrive Saturday lunchtime and by bedtime Friday I was SO excited to see her! She arrived into Kings Cross about 12pm and I surprised her at the station to help carry her bags (such a good daughter!). From there it was straight back to my flat for a cup of tea and a catch up on the past weeks. Continue reading