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When Mumma Came to Stay (2)

My last post about the Saturday when Mum visited was rather much longer than I had anticipated, so here is part two!

Sunday morning was spent in the flat, I cooked bacon sandwiches and then we had a walk into Richmond Park as Mum hadn’t been there since her days of playing Polo at Ham. It busier than I thought it would be at that time; families strolling, men playing rugby and children climbing on the trees. This was certainly needed to walk off our rather over indulgent meal at Zizzi!

From here, we caught the 72 bus to Westfield. Mum being down to visit, I thought would be the prime opportunity to ask so very nicely for some new clothes. However, I got so carried away I paid for everything myself and it also makes returning items easier as they were all put onto my card.

From my H&M post, I had had my eye on the sleeveless black dress with the lace trim and also a playsuit from Bershka.

Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit

Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit – £29.99

As you may have noticed, black is a recurring theme throughout my wardrobe. I definitely must branch out but as soon as I walk into a shop I am drawn towards the monochrome displays! Continue reading


Party Dresses | H&M

Coming up in a couple of weeks I have a friends birthday. To celebrate, we are heading to Kingston on the Friday to see her birthday in and then Saturday night we will be partying in central London, destination as of yet undecided. So, naturally, I will be needing two new outfits!

However, living on a student budget is just as difficult as everyone makes out and I am scarily close to the perilous precipice of the overdraft. No matter how many meetings I have with my bank manger and how many times he has told me never to use overdraft, I always find myself tempted. I mean, with my student account I have an interest free overdraft which I won’t have to pay back until I’m 24… Paying on my debit card also feels as if I am getting everything for free – put it in the machine, press some buttons and HEY there are your new purchases (I’ve also just gone contactless which is even more magical!)

But back to the point of this post… H&M has fast become my go-to highstreet store for everything due to the student friendly prices. Click here to see my top H&M dresses on Pinterest.

Anastassier x