How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

This is so so relevant. I had never even realised I was doing this. Maybe a different outlook is needed…

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Understand that life is not a straight line. Life is not a set timeline of milestones. It is okay if you don’t finish school, get married, find a job that supports you, have a family, make money, and live comfortably all by this age, or that age. It’s okay if you do, as long as you understand that if you’re not married by 25, or a Vice President by 30 — or even happy, for that matter — the world isn’t going to condemn you. You are allowed to backtrack. You are allowed to figure out what inspires you. You are allowed time, and I think we often forget that. We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University. We choose a job right out of University, even if we didn’t love our program, because we just…

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So I feel as though maybe I should introduce myself a little more. Here you all are reading about me and I don’t feel as though you know me well enough.

So here goes…

My name is Anastassier Hart-Parker.

I was born on 30th June 1995 in a city I left behind long ago.

I have one younger brother, currently aged 17 whom I am very close to and means the world to me.

You could say I had an idyllic and privileged childhood. I grew up between houses in the Cotswolds and London.

I went to a small girls boarding school in Lincolnshire and it truly was the best five years of my life. For A Level I took Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology before eventually deciding to pursue a degree in Psychology.

I knew there was never any other place for me to go to uni than London. I mean, I considered other places but to me this city is just magical. I adore the hustle and bustle of central but then 20 minutes later you can be surrounded by the tranquillity of Richmond Park – a place that will forever be special to me.

I left school in 2013 after gaining a place at a wonderful London university. However, I didn’t take this place up right away. I felt it wasn’t necessarily for me at that time in my life and that maybe there were other things I needed to do first before I committed myself to three years studying one subject. Here I was more or less dedicating my life to one path and I wasn’t even certain of it. Continue reading

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Is University really the right choice for me?

via Dear Diary.. | We Need To Live More.

Ella is right – we need to live more. What am I achieving living in this suburban corner of London for three years, studying for a degree in a subject I am not sure I even want to pursue. To be a psychologist, you need to be a listener and even though I can listen, I don’t think that is my dream job. I am more of a do-er, a talker, I want to be out there having an adventure and travelling. Although I believe this, I could never quit uni. I feel after my parents invested so much in my schooling I at least owe them this.

Some of you may know that I took a ‘Gap Year’, I worked 4 jobs and travelled. I worked in a bar, a restaurant, a nursery, as a nanny and as a Polo groom and the most important thing I took from this experience is that I want to be out there working and sometimes sitting in this small room I just don’t feel as if I am achieving it. There are so many more wonderful things I want to see and experience before settling down for a career and eventually a family. I don’t want to be stuck in the endless cycle of the 9-5 rat race, I want to be out there doing something amazing.

I have had some doubts about my course. Psychology is great but do I love it? People seem so passionate when talking about their courses. I did not decide to read Psychology until I took it up for A Level, so it’s not something I have been planning for a career in my whole life. I am good enough and I like it enough to get by. The one thing I dread though is failing – is this all that is keeping me working?

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Before making rash decisions I may regret, I will finish this first year of uni. If I am still feeling the same then I will know it is the right choice to leave but for now, this is the place for me.


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When Mumma Came to Stay (2)

My last post about the Saturday when Mum visited was rather much longer than I had anticipated, so here is part two!

Sunday morning was spent in the flat, I cooked bacon sandwiches and then we had a walk into Richmond Park as Mum hadn’t been there since her days of playing Polo at Ham. It busier than I thought it would be at that time; families strolling, men playing rugby and children climbing on the trees. This was certainly needed to walk off our rather over indulgent meal at Zizzi!

From here, we caught the 72 bus to Westfield. Mum being down to visit, I thought would be the prime opportunity to ask so very nicely for some new clothes. However, I got so carried away I paid for everything myself and it also makes returning items easier as they were all put onto my card.

From my H&M post, I had had my eye on the sleeveless black dress with the lace trim and also a playsuit from Bershka.

Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit

Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit – £29.99

As you may have noticed, black is a recurring theme throughout my wardrobe. I definitely must branch out but as soon as I walk into a shop I am drawn towards the monochrome displays! Continue reading


When Mumma Came to Stay

I see myself as so so lucky to be able to count my Mum as my best friend; she is the one person I can tell everything to and since moving to London I missed her dreadfully…! I know she isn’t far away – just a two hour trip away  and of course I have seen her since I have been here, but this weekend was the first time she has been to visit me here since dropping me off with all my possessions way back in September.

I went all out for this visit. It was weird; even though it was just my Mum visiting and if anyone knows how untidy I am it will be her, I felt as if I should prove to her that I was able to cope living away from home. I did all my washing, hoovered and polished and even bleached my en suite!

Mum was due to arrive Saturday lunchtime and by bedtime Friday I was SO excited to see her! She arrived into Kings Cross about 12pm and I surprised her at the station to help carry her bags (such a good daughter!). From there it was straight back to my flat for a cup of tea and a catch up on the past weeks. Continue reading


Party Dresses | H&M

Coming up in a couple of weeks I have a friends birthday. To celebrate, we are heading to Kingston on the Friday to see her birthday in and then Saturday night we will be partying in central London, destination as of yet undecided. So, naturally, I will be needing two new outfits!

However, living on a student budget is just as difficult as everyone makes out and I am scarily close to the perilous precipice of the overdraft. No matter how many meetings I have with my bank manger and how many times he has told me never to use overdraft, I always find myself tempted. I mean, with my student account I have an interest free overdraft which I won’t have to pay back until I’m 24… Paying on my debit card also feels as if I am getting everything for free – put it in the machine, press some buttons and HEY there are your new purchases (I’ve also just gone contactless which is even more magical!)

But back to the point of this post… H&M has fast become my go-to highstreet store for everything due to the student friendly prices. Click here to see my top H&M dresses on Pinterest.

Anastassier x


Forty Days

I have officially been living in London for 40 days. It still amazes me that just under eight weeks ago I had never met the seven crazy and wonderful girls live with. When I first found out it was to be an all girls flat I was a little apprehensive; having attended an all girls school, I know only too well how quickly one small problem can escalate to a full blown row ruining bonds forever. And, especially living together in such a confined space (literally eight bedrooms and a kitchen / dining room / sitting room / general tiny social area off one hallway) I didn’t think everyone would gel so quickly.

Admittedly, there are times when it all gets too much, a little claustrophobic. But then living in the third largest city in Europe there is always something exciting happening, somewhere to go and someone to see. But I feel so lucky to have them and I feel that even though I haven’t known them long that they would be there if ever I needed any advice.

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