So I feel as though maybe I should introduce myself a little more. Here you all are reading about me and I don’t feel as though you know me well enough.

So here goes…

My name is Anastassier Hart-Parker.

I was born on 30th June 1995 in a city I left behind long ago.

I have one younger brother, currently aged 17 whom I am very close to and means the world to me.

You could say I had an idyllic and privileged childhood. I grew up between houses in the Cotswolds and London.

I went to a small girls boarding school in Lincolnshire and it truly was the best five years of my life. For A Level I took Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology before eventually deciding to pursue a degree in Psychology.

I knew there was never any other place for me to go to uni than London. I mean, I considered other places but to me this city is just magical. I adore the hustle and bustle of central but then 20 minutes later you can be surrounded by the tranquillity of Richmond Park – a place that will forever be special to me.

I left school in 2013 after gaining a place at a wonderful London university. However, I didn’t take this place up right away. I felt it wasn’t necessarily for me at that time in my life and that maybe there were other things I needed to do first before I committed myself to three years studying one subject. Here I was more or less dedicating my life to one path and I wasn’t even certain of it.

Basically, I spent that year working, gaining extra money to try to pay off the unavoidable debts I will incur when I eventually graduate.

Now, here I sit, typing this post at 2.27am, Saturday December 13th. Outside I can hear my flat mates who have lasted this late. There was an end of term party. One has passed out, one has gone home for Christmas, I am ill in bed and one is MIA. The four remaining are partying hard. I mean who cares that you have a 7am train booked?! I just wish I was still out there with them…

These girls are all amazing. I may have only known them three months but I have already made 7 friends for life. I have learned that living with someone is completely different to just being friends with them (you may have seen my temporary post earlier this month).

And so here you are, up to date on my so called life.




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