Is University really the right choice for me?

via Dear Diary.. | We Need To Live More.

Ella is right – we need to live more. What am I achieving living in this suburban corner of London for three years, studying for a degree in a subject I am not sure I even want to pursue. To be a psychologist, you need to be a listener and even though I can listen, I don’t think that is my dream job. I am more of a do-er, a talker, I want to be out there having an adventure and travelling. Although I believe this, I could never quit uni. I feel after my parents invested so much in my schooling I at least owe them this.

Some of you may know that I took a ‘Gap Year’, I worked 4 jobs and travelled. I worked in a bar, a restaurant, a nursery, as a nanny and as a Polo groom and the most important thing I took from this experience is that I want to be out there working and sometimes sitting in this small room I just don’t feel as if I am achieving it. There are so many more wonderful things I want to see and experience before settling down for a career and eventually a family. I don’t want to be stuck in the endless cycle of the 9-5 rat race, I want to be out there doing something amazing.

I have had some doubts about my course. Psychology is great but do I love it? People seem so passionate when talking about their courses. I did not decide to read Psychology until I took it up for A Level, so it’s not something I have been planning for a career in my whole life. I am good enough and I like it enough to get by. The one thing I dread though is failing – is this all that is keeping me working?

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Before making rash decisions I may regret, I will finish this first year of uni. If I am still feeling the same then I will know it is the right choice to leave but for now, this is the place for me.



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