When Mumma Came to Stay

I see myself as so so lucky to be able to count my Mum as my best friend; she is the one person I can tell everything to and since moving to London I missed her dreadfully…! I know she isn’t far away – just a two hour trip away  and of course I have seen her since I have been here, but this weekend was the first time she has been to visit me here since dropping me off with all my possessions way back in September.

I went all out for this visit. It was weird; even though it was just my Mum visiting and if anyone knows how untidy I am it will be her, I felt as if I should prove to her that I was able to cope living away from home. I did all my washing, hoovered and polished and even bleached my en suite!

Mum was due to arrive Saturday lunchtime and by bedtime Friday I was SO excited to see her! She arrived into Kings Cross about 12pm and I surprised her at the station to help carry her bags (such a good daughter!). From there it was straight back to my flat for a cup of tea and a catch up on the past weeks.

After this we set off for the Tower of London to see the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red World War One Centenary display. Every evening they have been reading out 180 names of the 888, 246 soldiers who were killed in the war (there is a ceramic poppy for each soldier) and they were just preparing for that as we arrived. We stayed to listen and then a lone bugler played the last post before a minutes silence was held. It was such an overwhelming experience and to see the amount of people who turned out to watch despite the awful weather conditions.

From here, we travelled back long the district line to Sloane Square to look at the Kings Road Christmas lights that had been turned on in Duke of York Square earlier that evening. A family friend had recommended going to see those lights as she believes they are one of the top displays in London! The lights were magical and the atmosphere of the whole area felt so festive.

We were planning on heading over to Westfield, Shepherds Bush for some late night shopping. However, time had passed so quickly, it was half past 8 and we were soaked from the rain so we just headed back to mine for a change of clothes. We made a last minute dinner reservation at my new favourite restaurant (two visits in a week), Zizzi in Richmond. Mum felt the occasion was apt enough of a celebration and so we went all out with a three course meal accompanied by wine. We shared some cheesy garlic bread with caramelised onions. Mum had a glass of the organic Shiraz and I had the Nero D’Avola. I am not a big drinker of red wine but I really enjoyed this and would definitely have this one again.For main we both went for the Lamb Rosmarino which was rosemary and garlic lamb shank with sprouting broccoli and goats cheese mash and for desert I had my favourite, Tiramisu, and Mum had Chocolate Tartufo. It was such a lovely meal and the staff were so wonderful too. I will definitely be going back soon!

Anastassier x


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