When Mumma Came to Stay (2)

My last post about the Saturday when Mum visited was rather much longer than I had anticipated, so here is part two!

Sunday morning was spent in the flat, I cooked bacon sandwiches and then we had a walk into Richmond Park as Mum hadn’t been there since her days of playing Polo at Ham. It busier than I thought it would be at that time; families strolling, men playing rugby and children climbing on the trees. This was certainly needed to walk off our rather over indulgent meal at Zizzi!

From here, we caught the 72 bus to Westfield. Mum being down to visit, I thought would be the prime opportunity to ask so very nicely for some new clothes. However, I got so carried away I paid for everything myself and it also makes returning items easier as they were all put onto my card.

From my H&M post, I had had my eye on the sleeveless black dress with the lace trim and also a playsuit from Bershka.

Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit
Bershka XMAS Shimmer Detail Playsuit – £29.99

As you may have noticed, black is a recurring theme throughout my wardrobe. I definitely must branch out but as soon as I walk into a shop I am drawn towards the monochrome displays!

Our first stop was Soap and Co. where we had out nails done and we then bought a nail set each in Passion which contained a buffer, cuticle oil, emery board and some delicious smelling passion fruit hand and body lotion. We also bought a tub of the Passion body scrub and the Passion body butter each and I got a bottle of the Miracle Face peeling gel. Since using them last night my skin feels amazing and after my fake tan this morning went on so so evenly; these products are perfect! Even though the products do seem a little highly priced, the quality of the products is amazing and if I wasn’t on such a tight student budget I really fancied the Dead Sea mud mask!

Passion nail kit (l-r) nail buffer, cuticle oil, hand and body lotion and nail file – £39.99

Next stop was Bershka where I tried on about five items but none fitted or looked the way I wanted once on and as I had never bought anything from there before I was unsure of their sizes and seemed to definitely be in between. They didn’t have my playsuit in stock so it looks like I will have to be making a trip to Oxford Street in the not-so distant future (yay!).

In H&M I bought the dress but my size was out of stock so when I go home at the weekend I will be looking in my local H&M but if not, it doesn’t look noticeably too big. The only thing I am not too sure about is the dipped hem at the back, In the pictures on the website it doesn’t look too noticeable but I am definitely not a 5’11” model so this could be why. Just need to get the flatmates opinions on it!

We then moved onto Zara where the queues for the fitting rooms were crazy and even on  good day, I am not the sort of person to be able to try on 10 different items in 10 different shops. I picked up and light pink jumper (looks much lighter in the photo) as I fell in love with the neckline detailing and as I’m not an avid jewellery wearer, it makes getting ready in the mornings much easier!

Pale pink Zara sweater with necklace detailing – £25.99

The final stop of the day was to the Mica Beauty stand where a wonderful make up artist told me how amazing I look (total lies) but that with their make up I could look even better! She explained how the liquid foundation I have been using recently  will be blocking my pores and could cause breakouts which I had noticed myself. All their make up is made solely from rocks and minerals, contains SPF-15 and comes in a loose powder form. But, anything, the eyeshadows, foundation or blusher can be added to moisturiser to make liquid make up, clear nail varnish to turn it coloured or clear vaseline / lipgloss for a new lip colour which I found amazing. She also demonstrated how when mixed with a concealer, the glittery eyeshadows turn matte and can be used as a highlighter etc. I bought the foundation powder in Ivory (£45), the blusher in Wild Rose (£45) and an eyeshadow in 72 Earth (£14.95).

These also cost considerably more than the makeup I was using before but the make up artist said the foundation would last a year and the blusher three years so if I add up ho much I would spend on make up over a year, this does work out cheaper; especially considering how versatile all the products are. They also said that if I get a tan (so unlikely due to my obscenely pale skin), that I can go back and they remix the foundation powder so suit your new tone. This is all done free and you can get it done as often as you like.

To end another exceptionally long and hopefully not too boring post, I really enjoyed my weekend with mum and I’m looking forward to heading back to the country for my brothers birthday celebrations on Saturday!

Anastassier x


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