Forty Days

I have officially been living in London for 40 days. It still amazes me that just under eight weeks ago I had never met the seven crazy and wonderful girls live with. When I first found out it was to be an all girls flat I was a little apprehensive; having attended an all girls school, I know only too well how quickly one small problem can escalate to a full blown row ruining bonds forever. And, especially living together in such a confined space (literally eight bedrooms and a kitchen / dining room / sitting room / general tiny social area off one hallway) I didn’t think everyone would gel so quickly.

Admittedly, there are times when it all gets too much, a little claustrophobic. But then living in the third largest city in Europe there is always something exciting happening, somewhere to go and someone to see. But I feel so lucky to have them and I feel that even though I haven’t known them long that they would be there if ever I needed any advice.

I remember the first day so clearly… Last minute packing of forgotten items, leaving the house late and being the last one to move into the flat. At this uni we have flat reps who are second or third year students living with the freshers to introduce to them to the big scary world. As soon as I got here she was straight to my door to offer my parents coffee and my brother a biscuit. I soon met the other girls and after a few nervous introductions I began to help my parents unpack. 

After having a meeting of all the flats in my block and many a forgotten name of a future friend, it was time to go to the bar. I remember us ordering our burgers and hot dogs and sitting around a big square table not speaking, the only noise being the excited reunions of second or third years. Some of the other flats seemed to have gone for the ‘we’re living together, lets be best friends’ and I don’t think this works well at all. We gradually got to know each other and after a couple of nights of freshers week we were all getting along amazingly.

So far, uni has been the best experience of my life. It was such a change to where I was living before. I often felt as if I was observing life from the outside but now I couldn’t be any more in the centre of it!

Anastassier x


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